Wellness Health & Preventive Healthcare- Shakespeare’s Sonnet?


If William Shakespeare was alive today and saw the current unsustainable and unhealthy state of our sickness based health care system, I believe, he would have written this Sonnet.


              Sonnet – “Thine head, Selva me!”

Thine head, it aches, your sickness makes you pause

From things that thou woulds’t enjoy wert thou well;

Too long, you’ve treated symptoms, not their cause,

Reacting to whate’er to you befell.


Forget not this: there is another way!

To list’ning ears, there is no sweeter sound:

‘Tis better to prevent than to allay

The coughs from colds that plague the world around.


The choices that we make affect our health,

The sicknesses we see, they prove that fact;

For, being sick, it uses up our wealth,

Better it is to keep our health in tact.


If stuck, right now, always treating illness,

Revolt now, and take the steps to wellness.

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The Advantages of Preventive Health Care

Thousands of individuals all over the globe are quickly becoming aware of the effects of globalization and how the modern era tends to be more dangerous to health and well-being. According to statistics, a lot of people in the United States are dying of preventable diseases caused by smoking, reckless driving, substance abuse and alcohol. Preventive health care can take care of all these by providing sufficient information and getting rid of the problem before it even starts. Knowing the bonuses will entice you to start immediately.


1. Staying Disease-Free


The main advantage that preventive health care or wellness solution offers is the possibility of staying free from disease and harmful symptoms. Instead of treating health problems that are already present, people are given the chance to live healthier lives, thus keeping the potential risks at bay. Some people can stay disease-free for life or can easily treat minor problems and risks. This is a lot better than having to treat problems that do not have known permanent cures like diabetes, cancer and heart ailments.


2. Targeting Several Health Problems


Preventive health care can be done to focus on specific health cases that the individual is likely to suffer. It can also be applied to prevent related and a wide array of other diseases. Experts will initially check the health history of patients to determine which conditions are usual in their background and can possibly develop over time, such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Doctors and health experts can then recommend a regimen and other supportive products that will reduce the risk of occurrence significantly. Improving your lifestyle will also free you from other potential problems, including the common cold, flu, malaria, liver disease, allergies, etc.


3. Consumer Information


There are now several programs and campaigns launched by the government and various health sectors to provide information to people on how to apply wellness solutions. You will find programs that encourage people to drive sober, stay away from recreational drugs and harmful substances or stay safe in the workplace. There are also programs and groups that help people successfully get off vices like smoking, drug abuse and alcoholism. People will be able to know the symptoms and consequences of each, as well as the related diseases that can progress if they do not change their lifestyle.


4. Business Opportunities


This is also a perfect time to start businesses that focus on preventive health care. These financial opportunities prove to be more effective and sustainable compared to running establishments that only offer palliative and symptomatic care. Examples are MLMs or multilevel marketing companies that offer all-natural supplements, drinks and boosters that detoxify and enhance the immune system.

There are also establishments that help people stay on the lifestyle program, such as spas, gyms and stress management centers. People usually invest in programs that cleanse their bodies and get rid of stress such as getting a massage, doing yoga and breathing exercises or hiring a nutritionist. Individuals themselves can set up their own business to spread the advantages of wellness solutions and fight disease.

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Preventive Health Care Vs Sickness-Based Solutions

 More groups are preferring wellness solutions or preventive health care over sickness-based solutions for various purposes. Primarily, finding means to take care of the problem before it even occurs is a cheaper and more effective way to save lives and promote health. Some types of diseases are also rendered incurable, so people diagnosed with health problems might have to live with the symptoms until death. Knowing the proper methods and comparing the differences will greatly help identify the pros and cons of each.


Prevention is Better Than Cure


Health experts and physicians wish to promote wellness solutions because it offers a wide array of methods that will ultimately avoid illness, as well as take care of people so that they don’t have to deal with the effects of serious health problems. Sickness-based solutions focus more on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that are already present. In some cases, it might already be too late for the individual if the disease has progressed to higher levels or has triggered other underlying conditions to start. The programs designed for disease are much easier to follow and can keep people free from sickness well into late adulthood. Programs for treatment of diseases can take many years, and can still lead to death even with the most advanced medications and technologies provided.


On Affordability


The cost of wellness solutions is a lot lower compared to treating current ailments. For example, having a healthier lifestyle will only require the person to initially consume healthier food, embark on a physical regimen and get more sleep each night. These almost do not change the budget or spending habits of individuals and can even lessen their expense each month. Purchasing multivitamins and other health boosters and herbal treatments is cheaper compared to buying medications for problems like diabetes or hypertension.


Changes in Lifestyle


Individuals who focus on wellness solutions will also find that the changes they make in themselves will actually provide balance to their lives. They will experience and enjoy the benefits of quitting smoking, alcohol and drugs. They also practice safety measures to keep protected from injuries and other known dangers. People that focus on sickness-based solutions are forced to change their lifestyle because they have already developed incapacities that might complicate the current disease. Embarking on an exercise program or dieting will only lead to minimal results and does not promise them full health afterwards.


Financial Opportunities



More companies are also investing in wellness solutions and preventive health care as people become more conscious of the effects of harmful agents and elements. There are plenty of multilevel companies offering health supplements, vitamins and minerals, beauty products, cosmetics, herbal supplements and energy boosters that offer to rid the body of toxins, as well as enhance the immune system. Regular individuals who try these products get the advantage of all-natural ingredients, plus they can also start their own business retailing the offerings. This is a lot different compared to bedridden patients that have to quit or limit their job because of current illness.

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7 Ways to Invest on Your Own Success


There’s no better person to invest in than yourself. This explains why the successful keep attaining new goals every now and then. They constantly challenge themselves to greater heights and to reach newfound success by investing in new skills, traits and values. You become more eligible for greater things in life by grabbing new experiences and increasing your value. Reinforce your principles and see how easy some tasks get as you improve.

1. Gain more information. Get more information by talking to experts in your chosen field, browsing online for new data and joining online discussion boards where you can meet others in the same specialty and taking up classes. There are several classes that you can take in real time or online. Online courses are very convenient and cheap. You can get accreditation and certificates that will increase your eligibility for different tasks and opportunities.

2. Find a mentor. The most successful individuals in the world always looked up to one or more persons for insight and advice. You should start looking for a mentor who will guide you through the steps toward success. Ideally, this should be someone with enough knowledge and experience so you do not make the common mistakes. The person may be a teacher, a parent or a friend, depending on the type of mentor you need. The person should also be readily accessible so you can immediately contact him during times of need.

3. Get more skills. Some types of success or privileges are only attainable to people who have the right skill set. You need to take some courses and improve your skills by getting in touch with people who can train you. Having the right skills will save you a lot of time and effort. You also get to save on costs in the process. These are skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life. In some cases, you might even need to unlearn some skills just so you can easily adapt to the new ones.

4. Get connected. Always invest in your network by going to social obligations and meeting the right people. It’s important that you find the right individuals who can open more opportunities related to your work or path to success. You can meet these in seminars, conventions, the office or even by doing small talk with people you meet on the street. You’ll be surprised how some average-looking people have so many connections that will bring your status to new heights.

5. Get the right people. Every successful person should have a solid support group who will continue to encourage him when times get tough. The role of the support system is to advise and provided mental, physical and emotional support during big challenges. You need to have this support system to accomplish great things. This is usually comprised of family, friends and loved ones.

6. Save for your own good. The same way you would invest money in a business, you also have to invest in yourself by saving for things you need and other experiences that help you relax and make you happy. For example, you need some savings to go on vacation or shop for things that will help you de-stress and feel good about yourself and body.

7. Invest in your body. Health is wealth, as most experts say. You won’t be able to accomplish much if you are prone to disease and injury. Start improving your health by exercising more, eating right and getting rid of bad habits. Enrol in a gym, find a workout partner, eat more healthy food like fruits, vegetables and lean meats and sleep better. You should also stay away from things that only lead to problems like gambling, smoking, drinking too frequently and taking drugs.

These 7 investments will guarantee that you will find more opportunities than you would have thought possible. Expect that success will come your way in different forms in many years to come. The idea is to stay prepared for the bigger ones, and learn the processes on how to break down seemingly insurmountable obstacles into more achievable objectives. Find the right people for the job and grab the chance to be better every time.


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7 Ways To Stop Looking for Excuses and Accept Your Results

The amount of time and effort you put into your projects will render equal results. This means that you should stop finding excuses on why you ended up in a certain situation, and try to find ways on how to do better the next time. You have to accept the outcome because it is the effect of what you’ve given from the very beginning. If you truly want to be successful, you should learn how to evaluate the results and establish new approaches that will eventually lead to long term and permanent rewards. Here are some more guidelines.


1. Giving your best. If you want to experience success like never before, it’s best to understand how the best efforts will render the best results and bring out the best in you. You shouldn’t spare any of your methods and strategies regardless of the size of the project or you might end up with compromised results. The important thing to know is you will learn new strategies that can be used for bigger projects and you can also feel free to reuse some of the approaches you’ve already incorporated in the past.


2. Excuses cause delays. If you keep on looking for excuses on why things ended up the way they did, you are only delaying your path to success. Finding excuses will give you reasons to delay and slow down the process, instead of focusing on the goal and trying the new values and approaches you’ve learned from previous experiences. You shouldn’t spare your efforts and always analyze which areas you still need to improve on for the best results.


3. Excuses lead to compromise. If you keep on looking for excuses, you will only end up not giving 100% of your potential and capacity. Too many people find reasons why they did not give their best. This only causes you to say that you have already reached your limit. It might even cause you to stop aiming for bigger goals, thinking that you’ve already tried everything. Remember that shortcomings and failures are only temporary. You have to find ways to keep going back to your goals and finish better every time.


4. Accepting the results. Not all end results are what you envisioned them to be. If you want to experience success just like you dreamed, you also have to be willing to adjust to change. Accepting the results is a matter of attitude. You should be humble enough to accept that there are times when you didn’t give your best or might still need further training before you get the best rewards. Accept the results and evaluate which areas you still need to work on.


5. Adjusting to change. Change is inevitable and will always be a part of life. If you want to be the best in what you do, you have to stay updated with the recent news and trends. The way things were done before may no longer hold true for today’s demands and requirements, considering that technology changes fast and the demands of people change every now and then. What should stay constant are your values and the principles you live by.


6. The evaluation process. The evaluation process will always be done after the results come up. There’s no use trying to battle why you got the results a certain way. The evaluation process is an opportunity for you to re-assess both your strong and weak points. You will also be able to tell which types of goals you can already finish and which ones might be too difficult at the moment. Proper training and experience will give you more ideas on how you can finish tasks better.


7. Feelings of denial. It’s only normal to feel denial or mild depression after you fail in some tasks. Understand that the feelings are also felt by several other successful individuals who also experienced hardships in their lives. The feelings of denial should serve as a wake up call for you to do better and to re-train and refocus instead of keeping you stuck in the same cycle. Do not be afraid to try again. Eliminate your fears and keep the lessons you’ve learned from previous mistakes and challenges.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Place the Interests of Others First

According to the law of stratospheric success, it’s vital to put the interests of others first and you will realize that you also increase your own value by doing so. Being part of a team should be an opportunity you’re willing to grab. You can take on the role of an educator or mentor to maximize the potential of everyone around you, thereby increasing your potential to accomplish bigger tasks and challenges. People will also appreciate you more and will be more willing to follow your lead once they see your principles and virtues.


1. Increasing others’ value will increase your own. According to the law of success, boosting the value of others will mean that you are enabling more people to be capable of tackling bigger tasks and challenges. As a result, your own value will also increase. You also don’t have to worry much about situations and issues, considering that there are already skilled and reliable individuals in your team. Taking on the role of a leader will lessen the burden on you, and also inspire people to maximize their potential and follow your lead.


2. Increasing others’ value leads to success. It is already an accomplishment to encourage others to maximize their skills and potential. You have to increase your knowledge abilities through training, but as a leader and coach, it becomes your task to share what you’ve learned to people who need it most. The training you provide will help others realize their own dreams. You will feel fulfilled sharing what you know to these people. They will also keep coming back to you for guidance and advice as they continue their journey.


3. Enjoying the rewards together. Putting the interests of others before you will make people appreciate you more as a caring and understanding coach. Should they experience success at any time, you will also benefit from the results. You can enjoy the rewards together, as well as take some of the credit for helping them. No matter how big or small the reward, it’s always a great feeling to share these together with the people you care about.


4. People work harder for their own interests. You do not need to enforce as many motivational methods if you put others’ interests first. This means that people like to work harder if they know they will benefit the most from the endeavor. As a group, all of you increase the value and potential of every member. This is a lot different and more meaningful compared to taking on tasks together, but only having you as the main recipient of the treasures that lie in wait.


5. It increases the value of relationships. Doing things as a group with you as the motivator and inspirational coach will enhance the bond you form with your people. You can establish trust and rapport easily, as well as encourage each other to be consistent especially during hard times. During your own difficult periods, you will find these individuals also willing to be there to offer your support and inspiration. Relationships that are enhanced in this manner will last long and will let you enjoy success for years to come.


6. Improving the environment. By enhancing the skills and potential of those around you, the world becomes a much better place to live in. The individuals you train and encourage will continue to be successful as they take on new roles and challenges, even if these tasks do not include you. Work becomes much more efficient for everyone. You also lessen your stress and worries by counting on these people to stay consistent and disciplined every time.


7. Creating new leaders. In the same manner that you transformed into a true leader through the help of your mentor and support system, you should also expect your own people to become leaders in their own right someday. You then create a system of putting the interests of others before your own. The people you train will also later on understand the value of others over their own, thereby continuing the process. This type of success creates a legacy for you that will last for several years. Always look for people who are ready to move ahead and take on bigger responsibilities.

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